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Conyers Introduces New Legislation to Hold Corporate Criminals Accountable for Dangerous Products

Washington, DC, December 19, 2010
House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) today introduced two bills designed to hold corporations and their officers accountable for criminal actions. The first bill, the Dangerous Products Warning Act, H.R. 6544, requires business entities to warn employees, consumers, and the appropriate federal officials of any product or service that poses a serious danger to the public, keeping stakeholders aware of any defects. Corporations and their officers will be held criminally liable for failure to give such warning. The second bill, the Corporate Crime Database Act, H.R. 6545, instructs the attorney general to create and maintain a public database of administrative, civil, and criminal actions against corporate entities, allowing the public to always be aware of such offenses. "In this holiday season, as the public heads to the stores to purchase gifts for loved ones, we must ensure that consumers are safe from dangerous defects that some corporations would prefer remain hidden," Conyers said. "These bills are designed to keep Americans safe, to increase the amount of information available to consumers, to motivate corporations to inform the public of certain risks, and to hold those corporations accountable when they fail to give clear warning." We must address this issue aggressively, both in this Congress and in the new year."