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Conservatives’ Anti-Regulatory Agenda Puts Americans’ Health, Safety, and Economic Security At Risk

Washington, DC, July 27, 2012

Today, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) helped to lead the opposition in the House to H.R. 4078, the “Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act.”  Ranking Member Conyers issued this statement following the passage of the bill by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives:

“I am very disappointed that today my conservative colleagues voted to advance their own ideology ahead of the health, safety, and economic security of all Americans,” said Conyers.

“The so-called ‘Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act’ would effectively stop or delay most major rules and regulations from going into effect, which could seriously jeopardize the safety and soundness of our nation’s economy and society. Fortunately , President Obama has already said he will veto the bill.

“Several key problems plague this bill.

“First, notwithstanding its misleading title, this legislation will not result in job creation for one simple reason: there is no credible evidence that regulations have any substantive impact on job creation.

“Most problematic, this bill is decidedly anti-consumer because it would halt all consumer safeguards. To address these shortcoming in the bill, my Democratic colleagues and I offered numerous amendments that would:

  • Lower the price consumers pay for gasoline at the pump
  • Reduce the incidence of food poisoning
  • Protect senior citizens against financial fraud
  • Ensure veterans receive their earned benefits and medical treatment
  • Safeguard privacy protections to reduce identity theft

“Unfortunately, all of these amendments were either ignored or defeated by the Republican majority.

“H.R. 4078 has the potential to seriously undermine our nation’s regulatory system, and the health and safety of our citizens. At a time when many Americans are still struggling economically, I urge my colleagues to put aside their ideological agenda and offer real aid.”