On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced unilateral changes to our immigration system, allowing millions of unlawful immigrants to evade immigration enforcement. These actions are not without cost: they ignore the will of the American people and violate the Constitution, allow criminal aliens to evade the law, make our communities less safe, punish legal immigrants, and encourage more illegal immigration.


The House Judiciary Committee routinely conducts oversight of the Obama Administration’s lax immigration policies that allow criminal aliens to stay in the United States and consequently endanger American communities.

Immigration Special Report

Part OnePresident’s Executive Decree Ignores the Will of Americans & Violates the Constitution (PDF)

Part TwoPresident’s New Enforcement “Priorities” Allow Criminals to Evade the Law (PDF)

Part ThreePresident’s Unilateral Actions Make Our Communities Less Safe (PDF)

Part FourPresident’s Unilateral Actions Punish Legal Immigrants (PDF)

Part FivePresident’s Unilateral Actions Encourage More Illegal Immigration (PDF)

Part SixImplementation of Priority Enforcement Program Endangers Our Communities (PDF)

Immigration Policy Oversight