Full Committee | By Direction of the Chairman

Chairman’s Opening Statement

Hearing PDF (Serial No. 111-82)

Witness Panel 1

Name Occupation Organization Testimony Truth in Testimony
DeMaurice Smith Executive Director NFL Players Association
    Joseph Maroon M.D. Vice Chair of Department of Neurosurgery University of Pittsburg
      David Klossner Ph.D. Director of Health and Safety National Collegiate Athletic Association
        Bob Colgate Assistant Director National Federation of State High School Associations
          Scott Hallenbeck Executive Director USA Football
            Lemuel Barney Detroit Lions Hall of Fame Player
              Thomas Hearns Retired Professional Boxer
                Bennett Omalu M.D. Co-Director of Brain Research Institute West Virginia University
                  Ira Casson M.D. Former Co-Chairman NFL Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee
                    Vincent Ferrara Founder and CEO Xenith, LLC
                      P. David Halstead Technical Director Southern Impact Research Center

                        Witness Panel 2

                        Name Occupation Organization Testimony Truth in Testimony
                        Randall Benson M.D. Assistant Professor of Neurology Wayne State University
                          Jeffrey Kutcher M.D. Director Michigan Neurosport
                            Christopher Nowinski President and CEO Sports Legacy Institute
                              Kyle Turley Retired NFL Player
                                Ted Johnson Retired NFL Player
                                  Robert Schmidt Chairman Vincent T. Lombardi Foundation
                                    George Martin Executive Director NFL Alumni Association
                                      Luther "Big Lu" Campbell Trainer of Professional Athletes
                                        Bernard Parrish Retired NFL Player